Welcome to the stream page! Please read the instructions below:
  1. Please find here below the video player with a test video. Play it on your computer or smartphone right now to ensure everything works.
  2. Please note that the quality of the stream is adapting to the speed of your internet connection. If you are not satisfied with the quality but you believe your internet is fast enough, you can always improve the quality using the settings button in the lower right corner of the player.
  3. On November 28 this test video will be replaced by the LIVE stream video player where you'll be able to watch the course LIVE at the scheduled time.
  4. The event will start at 8am Los Angeles time (GMT-8) or 5pm CET time (GMT+1). Please check your local time according to the Greenwich Mean Time.
  5. If you have any questions regarding the stream or anything else, please use our online CHAT or email: hello@whatsnew.dental