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International online project Whatsnewdental
WHATSnew with Riccardo Tonini on July 21, 2020
This is an online LIVE streaming with one of the foremost endodontists in the world Dr. Riccardo Tonini on the topic "My newest approach in broken file removal and bypass"
Whats new?
Program of the WHATSnew streaming with Riccardo Tonini
July 21, 2020
My newest approach in broken file removal and bypass
Dr. Riccardo Tonini, MD, DDS, Brescia, Italy
What's new?
Dr. Riccardo Tonini, MD, DDS, Brescia, Italy
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Dr. Riccardo Tonini, MD, DDS, Brescia, Italy
WHATSnew LIVE streaming from Italy with Marco Rosa
How many times did you attend a lecture or a masterclass where the material was really basic or even old? Education in dentistry turned to be a large business nowadays, and many people forget that the conferences and congresses were initially created especially to discuss "what's new". However, very often speakers give their basic material to the audience. WHATSnew is a new online project in dentistry where speakers are sharing only new solutions in dentistry which they have never shown before in their lectures.

On July 21, 2020 Dr. Riccardo Tonini is organizing an online LIVE streaming sharing his latest clinical approaches in broken file removal and bypass. This will be a big International online event broadcasting all around the World.
Dr. Riccardo Tonini
MD, DDS, Brescia, Italy
Dr. Riccardo Tonini graduated from dental school of University of Brescia (Italy) at 2004. At 2007 he carried out his Master degree from university of Verona (Italy) in Endodontics. His scientific work includes publications, continuous participations in national and international meetings and teaching experience in Italy (university of Brescia). Since 2010 he is an active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics and the Italian Society of Microscopic dentistry. He is also a member of Style Italiano study club. He is the inventor of ProTrain®️, and has collaborated for several other innovations in dental industry. Dr Tonini maintains Private Practice limited in Endodontics for the last five years in Brescia, Italy.
How does it work?
  • WHATSnew is an immersive online experience. The curriculum for each streaming is designed by the instructor. Each streaming includes new extensive scientific content in dentistry. The streaming goes LIVE, and then the record of the streaming is viewable at any time within 2 weeks, it can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched as many times as you'd like. In addition, many participants utilize the class discussions below each video to share their thoughts and provide feedback on others' work.
  • 1 hour before the event time you will receive an email with your personal link to access the LIVE player. Attention! Once you have logged in, the player will be linked to your IP address, which means that you will be able to keep watching the streaming only from this IP (device). In other words, if you log in with a mobile phone, you won't be able to watch it on your laptop, for example. The access link is unique.
  • Attention! The recordings of the streamings are not downloadable - but they are available at any time, ready for viewing (and re-watching) within 2 weeks after the event date. Any kind of recording, copying or distributing the video content is strictly prohibited.
Registration for the WHATSnew streaming with Riccardo Tonini
LIVE online. July 21, 2020
Frequently asked questions
Why is the WHATSnew streaming price lower than a webinar?
Usually the WHATSnew streaming is dedicated to some very specific technique and not to a wide topic in dentistry, so the time of the streaming can be less comparing to a webinar. An average length of a WHATSnew streaming is from 1 to 2 hours followed by a QA session. This is why the price is lower.
Can I watch the WHATSnew streaming recorded?
Yes, you can watch it recorded within 2 weeks from the event date, but please make sure to register before this date. We are not selling the records of the streamings after the event is done.
How can I ask a question?
Usually each streaming goes LIVE with simultaneous translation to 5 different languages. Taking into account a large multilingual audience of the streaming, we are getting questions by email. We will translate and prepare them all to the speaker, and few days later the speaker will prepare an additional video with his answers. We will send you an additional email with another link to watch the record of the QA session.
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