Online demonstration with Pascal Magne
November 28, 2020
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November 28, 2020 (Online demonstration course)
Dr. Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD, Los Angeles, California, USA
Dr. Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD, Los Angeles, California, USA
Dr. Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Dr. Pascal Magne
D.M.D., PhD, University of Southern California, USA. Director of Esthetic Dentistry; The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation Chair in Esthetic Dentistry.
Dr. Pascal Magne graduated from the University of Geneva Dental School, Switzerland, in 1989 with a Med. Dent. and obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2002. He received postgraduate training in fixed prosthodontics and occlusion, operative dentistry and endodontics, and was a lecturer at the same university beginning in 1989 until 1997. From 1997-1999, he was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics, University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry.

After concluding two years of research, Dr. Magne returned to University of Geneva Dental School and assumed the position of Senior Lecturer in the Division of Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusion until his departure for USCSD.

Dr. Magne is a recipient of multiple awards from the Swiss Science Foundation, the Swiss Foundation for Medical-Biological Grants, and was the recipient of the 2002 Young Investigator Award from the International Association for Dental Research. He is also the author of numerous clinical and research articles on esthetics and adhesive dentistry and is an internationally known lecturer on these topics. Furthermore, Dr. Magne authored the book Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition - A Biomimetic Approach which has been translated into seven languages and is considered as one of the most outstanding books in the field of adhesive and esthetic dentistry.
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